Musicrossing is an artists community that believes in one strength: sharing. Musicrossing let artists from various traditions meet, contributing to the generation of a new art, real and not virtual.

Through Musicrossing the artist asks direct collaboration to other artists proposing them a project to complete together, a project that is often "left in the drawer".

Musicrossing doesn't see the goal, but the path, for the art to be free and could grow, finding its realization trough the travel and the collaboration.

Musicrossing is first of all the art that is proposed to other artists

Musicrossing starts from music as an enzyme for other arts, for an unique goal, increased community value.

Musicrossing is inspired from Paris in early '900, lived by artists from all over the world to share their art.

Musicrossing asks the artist to mode, leave common places, rebuild her spaces and share her art. Musicrossing is and art in movement, because the potentialities of every artist are satisfied through the movement.

Musicrossing is art in the artist's hands

HOW TO use musicrossing
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I'm an in motion artists, I set art free, sharing my art letting other artists collaborate and contaminate my art…

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Since long time I wanted to describe my art as art in motion... I've found movement in art

Sharing my art I set it free.

(protect your art, contact our partner Note Legali *)